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María Mora

María Mora is a Mexican cinematographer and colourist with a natural inclination for storytelling through light, colour, composition, and a deep understanding of moving images.

With over 10 years of experience, Maria's career encompasses 1 feature film, 5 fiction short films, 5 documentaries, 7 television series, 10 music videos, 2 web series, and numerous commercial and branded content projects. Her work has been showcased at various film festivals and exhibitions worldwide, including Bafta Student Awards, Mexican Academy of Film Arts and Sciences Awards (Ariels), Biarritz International Festival of Latin American Cinema, Havana Film Festival, TAL (Televisoras de América Latina) Awards, the Ambulante International Film Festival, Mexico Scope Film Showcase in Berlin, Santa Cruz International Film Festival in Bolivia, Film School Festival in Tetouan, and Pantalla de Cristal Film Festival among others.


María works independently as a Cinematographer in Sydney and Mexico City, and remotely as a colourist with clients around the world and in-studio in Sydney.

Colour Grading Showreel
Cinematography Showreel



+52 55 36 64 71 09


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